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Bayview Lodge's work with Street Life Ministries

Beautiful things that happened in 2020 @ Street Life Ministries

Thank you to our donors and supporters, this was possible because of your love and support. May God bless you ♥

This year we are happy to continue our support to Paster Dave, and the wonderful work at Street Life Ministries. Street Life Ministries is a community-based, non-profit organization that serves the homeless and at-risk populations of the Mid-Peninsula. They establish environments and build relationships where community volunteers can provide food and clothing, as well as referrals for shelter, addiction recovery, and other personal support.

Over the last 4 years Bayview Lodge #109, has been happy to support Street Life Ministries, by helping create a job assistance program through the donations of computers through our small business partner Quality Computer. These have been used to help with job training and resume writing. Last year our contributions helped Pastor Dave, provide 200 backpacks containing a few specialized clothing items, survival gear, hygiene items, and food to the local homeless in Redwood City.

This year especially we're excited to support Pastor Dave and Street Life Ministries as they help those impacted by Covid-19, and as they continue to preach hope and kindness. This year our contributions are going towards helping creating a christian out paticent recover center. This center would be focused helping local homelss deal with mental health, and drug recovery. In partnership with Life Moves, Street Life Ministies will work on providng recovery housing, and delivering cources on christian studies, and home economics. The goal of which it to help people reclaim their lives and being a working phase that can lead to independence, without assistance.

If you want to help us bless even more people in 2021, click this link:

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